Unleash the full potential of your knowledge assets.

Powered by AI.

Break down knowledge silos and enable your professional community members to unlock rapid access to your organization knowledge thanks to a unique and secure AI Chat assitant.

"Cominty redefines the word community as a blend of 'Comity' and 'Mean' symbolizing the social harmony with purpose.
Here, every contribution not only enriches lives but also unites and elevates your community through the power of sharing.

Now, imagine a place where each community has its own AI Buddy, making it easier to share knowledge and learn from one another. Our user-friendly AI agent smartly connects community members by mapping questions to the right profiles and organization knowledg sources using a personalized Q&People recommendation system. Each interaction refines the AI, enriching a unique knowledge database.
Cominty places human interactions at the heart of its design, building strong connections that add value to the entire community.

This system not only recognizes member contributions but also offers opportunities to monetize their knowledge on a larger scale. Think of your professional community as a gold mine of untapped assets waiting to be unleashed.

Join us to break down silos and unite people through the power of sharing, building a world where collective contributions create value for all."

Fariha - CEO of Cominty 

Knowledge-sharing AI

Community-driven AI Agent

Knowledge-sharing made easy.

Enable your community to seek, connect, solve — as simply as reaching a friend.

Precision meets expertise.

Make a question based search and get matched with the perfect in-house professional in seconds!

On demand 1 to 1 video call.

Book 30mn or 1 hour video call. Designed to be flexible and easy to use.

Share and earn knowledge.

Get instant post-session insights. Share it within your community and become recognized contributor.


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Join worldwide professional communities and unlock the full potential of shared business knowledge with Cominty.

Knowledge-sharing AI